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Your donation will be directly used to plant trees. We will fund equipment, seeds, training, and monitoring needed to ensure the growth of the trees planted. Any contribution that you make today will go a long way in helping fight climate change, preserving biodiversity and conserving our forest areas.

Thank you for your contribution!

Plant 100 trees
US $10
Plant 500 trees
US $50
Plant 1000 trees
US $100
Set up plant nursery
US $200

Set up plant nursery and train trainers to grow the plant nursery and educate community

US $250

Alternative livelihood to wildlife hunting by building a marketplace for hand-woven hammocks, bags and handicrafts

US $400

Education and raising awareness in one community in Africa, Asia or Latin America. Training program for teachers, kids, community leaders and parents

US $900

Planting 10,000 trees

US $1000