Your time & talent can change the world for the better

We are deeply thankful for your help in any way possible


Weather you organize a birthday fundraiser, school fundraiser, community project, or start your own online fundraising page, your support will go a long way!

All funds raised will be directly used to plant trees. The project will fund equipment, seeds, training, and monitoring to set up seed and plant nurseries in many villages. In addition, we will set up organic tree nurseries and forestry centers near degraded forest areas to support existing nurseries and provide reforestation training for communites.

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As a field volunteer, you can work on many projects related to environmental issues, sustainable developemnt, research, tree planting, maintenance, etc.

Also, you can choose to volunteer your professional skills. We are currently looking for people with legal, marketing, public relations, social media, and web development skills.

For more information, please contact us with your interests. Thanks