We will offer the schools and companies the opportunity to travel to the different projects. This is a way to get income for the projects so more trees can be planted.

Costa Rica



Costa Rica Wildlife Adventure from Ocean to Ocean!!! With this trip you will experience the very best Costa Rica has to offer: see nesting turtles in the Caribbean, float through lush rainforest in the "Amazonas" of Costa Rica, visit the majestic Arenal volcano, fly high above the trees with the World's best canopy experience, take a dip under a waterfall, paddle through a canyon, and finally enjoy one of the best surf beaches of the Pacific. Apart from breathtaking landscapes, you will have the chance to see turtles, toucans, colorful rainforest frogs and insects, scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, ocean creatures and the lazy sloth! All this while accompanied by wildlife experts who make the experience more engaging and insightful. What's more, you will give back to nature: we will stop at one of our partner NGO's location to plant trees.





Culture and nature combo in Ecuador! Have an all-around Ecuador experience with us! With this trip you will see the three faces of this wonderful country: the colonial capital with its buildings and neighborhoods protected by UNESCO World Heritage, the colorful indigenous culture represented in handmade crafts, busy markets, picturesque small villages and Shamans, and of course nature: volcanoes, butterflies, lamas, waterfalls, over 400 bird species, orchids, volcanic lakes, hot springs and incredible starry skies. PLUS you can stand with one foot on each side of the equatorial line in this country. You will also give back to nature: we will stop at one of our partner NGO's location to plant trees.




Monkey business in Madagascar!

Allright... Lemur business! Join us in this nature lover's journey touring the highlights of the East and West of this African island which, as a result of the long isolation from neighboring continents, is home to an abundance of plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth!!! The lemur is the most famous of the endemic species and during our trip we will meet a wide variety of them: the grey mouse, golden diademed sifaka, eastern sportive and the biggest lemur of all: the Indri Indri! Maybe you will spot King Julian as well and "move it move it" with him! :) Of course, Madagascar is not only about lemurs, we will also enjoy nocturnal jungle walks, visit local markets, stay in tiny, isolated villages, hike sacred hills, have fun on the beach and cruise along scenic canals. We will also give back to nature: one of our partner NGO, Eden projects, is located in Madagascar.


Bell Burma

Bridge Burma

Budda statues Burma

Mysterious Myanmar:

Myanmar is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the World, with only one third of the country open to foreigners. Learn about the Buddhist spiritualism with us by visiting the golden Shwedagon Pagoda and a colossal reclining Buddha in Yangon, by watching the sunset on the top of a thousand year old pagoda in the ancient city of Bagan, and by discovering the Inle Lake, where floating markets, leg-rowing fishermen and ethnic minorities make for a unique experience. Burmese people - as many prefer to call themselves - are curious and friendly after decades of separation from the outside World. We will also have an alternative way to give back to nature: near the tiny hill village of Kalaw we will work with rescued elephants and plant trees with our partner NGO Green Hill Valley. This trip will change you forever!