Reforestation Impact on Climate

Reforestation Project

Video 3 - Discovery Channel Reforestation

Why are forests unhealthy and what I can do about it?

Corporations and Reforestation: an initiative to reduce carbon footprint

Case Study: Reforestation project in Kenya through carbon finance

Farmers and Carbon Finance

School Kids Engaged in Reforestation Projects

School Kids Engaged in Reforestation Projects

Case Study: Reforestation project in Lebanon


Tackle Climate Change - use Wood!

30 minute long documentary

Translation link into many languages

Google website translator (requires a Google account).

Reforestation links

Energy Investigation - PROJECT LEARNING TREE

Who Speaks for the Trees

Sustainable consumption and production

Forests of the World: World Forest Tour

World Forest Tour - Teacher Page

The Forest Planet - Student page

Global Connections: Forests of the World

Conservation Central Online Curriculum

Mongabay deforestaton lesson plans

Teachers Try Science lesson plans

Focus on Forests - The Choice is Ours

Focus of Forests - Turning Over a New Leaf

Focus on Forests - Forest Folks

Focus on Forests - The Heat is On

Focus on Forests - A Fine Balance

Focus on Forests - How a Forest Affects the Environment

Focus on Forests - Forestry Guide

Science games. Play fun free science games and puzzles with ARKive, whether you just love animals or want to learn more about the environment and conservation. Our cool games are suitable for wannabe scientists, wildlife detectives and science superheroes!

Rainforests Lesson Plans

Global Climate Change

Razing the rainforest Lessons

Razing the Rainforest Challenge Overview Sheet

Lesson1: Sources of Deforestation Teachers' Notes

Lesson1: – Sources of Deforestation

Lesson2: – Are There Any Solutions?

Lesson Plan 1: Sources of Deforestation

Lesson Plan 2: Are There Any Solutions

Education pack for key stage 3: 11–13 year-olds

Activity pack for Key Stage 3: 11-13 year- olds

Shout About Climate Solutions Together

Shout About Waste

Climate Change and Environmental Education

Plants Key Stage 1

Plants Key State 1 Power Point

Save the Plants

Where in the World is the Arctic

Global Warming Crusade - Energy Conservation

Go With the Flow - Study a Watershed

How do you Feel About Water?

Links in a Food Chain

Pond Life

Watershed Web - A Field Trip

Who is Faster

Wildlife Burrows

Using stories and storytelling to teach environmental issues